Five Keys For Your Success In Playing Golf

1. Always use same swing pose every time you shift the ball from sand bunker.

Every time you have to shift the ball from the sand bunker, always use same swing pose, then adjust only the position of the ball, and also consider to adjust the weight of down swing whether it should be harder or lighter, in order to estimate the distance to the target. Unless you are in the really difficult situation such as the ball sinks into the sand , or in any circumstances that normal approaches could not be applied, then will use special techniques. Normally, the factor used to decide how deep the sand you should dig into depends on individual experience in sand bunker shifting, but the basic approach is addressing openly to keep the putter floating a bit above the sand, then swing down to the same line where you are addressing. It is also useful to keep in mind that you should hit the ball on the left and slice from outside reach in, and the power must come from the upper part of the body while your feet are buried into the sand and do not be afraid to hit the sand.

2. Your swing must be smooth and continuous.

There are so many people who see a friend can drive far more than oneself , then try to follow his or her approach by trying to use as much power as they can , as a result , they won’t be able to control the ball’s direction.  One important thing for a golfer is to maintain equilibrium between the body and the swing and keep it stable. Up swing with gentleness , not fast and jerking, then transfer the weight to the right leg, when down swing, transfer the weight down to your hip while your eyes still watch the ball , and hit the ball to the desired direction. The most important thing is you must maintain your position and the speed of the swing at the same level every time.

3. When shifting…the head must be still.

One important cause that affects the changing of direction of the ball is tottering head when shifting , which will change the balance of your body. Therefore, to do effective shifting you must keep your head still and stable throughout the process. The basic approach when doing shift is stand open, lay the ball close to the right leg, maintain the weight to the left leg, hold the grip in short figure and do the stroke like when you are putting, which size of putter should be used is really dependent on individual experience and expertise. You should get enough training to decide which size of putter suits you the most.

4. When up swing, make sure that your left shoulder aligns with the right foot.

Addressing incorrect posture with the up swing will bring the most effective and powerful hit. You must always remember that when using the up swing that you turn your left shoulder to align with your right leg. This pose will draw the power from the muscles between the shoulder and the waist while the full speed of the swing will be generated. The proper training will develop your swing very quickly.

5. Find the focal point where the putter hits the ball.

The technique that many pros use to find the proper focus to hit the ball is to keep the putter a bit away from the ball and leave a small gap between the ball and the putter. This gap will allow you to know where the putter will hit the ball, as a result, you can decide the right focus.


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