Golf Bags: What To Choose

Your golf bag is a piece of golf accessory that allows you to carry all your other equipment with you such as the clubs, tees, markers, and perhaps an umbrella or towel. This piece of equipment doesn’t necessarily have direct effects on your game but may have great influence on your overall game, comfort and fatigue level.

There are two major things that may affect your choice of golf bag- the gears that you will put into the bag and the way you will carry the bag. Are you making use of a caddie or a golf cart?

To these, there are basically three kinds of golf bags: the staff bag or the tour bag the travel or carry bag and the cart bag.

The staff bag or tour bags. The largest selection of golf bags is staff or the tour bags. They are readily equipped with enough storage space for 14 standard golf clubs and have rooms for other golf equipments that are necessary during the games. Most professional golfers use this type of golf bags as they always have caddies with them. So they may often choose to bring as much equipments as they prefer. Good staff bags are generally made of leather and other premium materials and are relatively highly priced.

Travel or carry bags. If smaller bags appeal to you and you are thinking of carrying your own bag, you may chose to have the travel or the carry bag. Though they may vary in different forms and sizes, they are rather smaller than the other golf bags. They are designed purposely to make room for the basic golf equipments such as limited number of golf clubs, other small accessories and a number of golf balls. There are also specialized carry bags for junior golf players.

The majority of travel bags are made of plastic, nylon and other lighter materials. There are carry bags that have added features that may expand the ease of use. Many are equipped with straps, others appear with stands. These stands allow players to get their clubs easily.

Cart golf bags. These are relatively smaller than the tour bags. However, using this kind of golf bag may require the help of a cart or caddie since it is more bulky than most tour bags. As the name suggests, cart bags are designed exactly to be used by golf carts. These have lesser pockets and are generally made of light materials.

Things to consider when choosing golf bags

– Given that you have a caddie with you, the size and weight of the golf bag may not necessarily bother you, unless it has become too heavy for your caddie. The weight specially won’t matter if you are using a golf cart. However, if you intend to walk around the golf course while carrying your bag then it would be most ideal for you to choose the not-so-heavy bag that may contain all the equipments you need without being bulky. The most ideal in this case is the carry bag with a stand.

– The first question that would probably arise is ” how much the bag will be”. Like with most things, the more money your pocket may allow you, the more features you may get. You may buy golf bags for as low as $40 however, prices may reach up to $500. If your budget is limited, it is best to stick with a golf bag that has more features than what its price may earlier suggest. Finding for such may be a painstaking task but it will after all be for good.

– It is relatively important to take note of the feature of the bag. If you are normally carrying lot of equipments during your game, it is recommended for you to buy a bag that has many side pockets. However, if you prefer to bring along the most basic gears, lots of pockets may not necessarily be of the initial requirements.

As mentioned in the beginning of this article, golf bags don’t have direct effects on the outcome of the games. It is not bad though to get some of the life’s pleasures.


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