Golf Teaching Tool — Correct Your Swing Plane

A good swing plane is vital if you want to be a consistent golfer. Today I will explain how to make and use a golf teaching tool to help beginners and advanced golfers get their swing plane on the right track. The golf teaching tool is cheep and very easy to make. Golf teaching tool

Golf teaching tool
You will need
– a piece of PCV pipe about 1 meter long and about 2cm is diameter
– 2 mini torches to fit in the 2cm ends of the PVC piping (cheep as chips on eBay etc.)

Directions for making the golf teaching tool
Install the torches into each end of the PVC pipe. There are a couple of ways to do this, if the torch fits snug in the piping you can simply use araldite or some type of adhesive to glue the torches in. If the torch is slightly bigger than the pipe heat the end of the piping with a heat gun and install the torch. When the PVC cools make sure the torch is stuck securely. You have now created your golf teaching tool.

How to use the golf teaching tool
By now you may be wondering what the hell this stick is for well the exercise is quiet simple. Turn the torches on and hold PVC as though it were one of your golf clubs, stand facing parallel to a wall with the bottom light shining on the join were the floor meets the wall. This join acts as a nice straight line; we will call the bottom light A and the top one B.

Swing the club back so light A shines along line until the stick is parallel with the line. Cock your wrists taking note of light B, this light should now be shining along the line. At the top of your swing light B should still be pointing to the line this is the correct position to start you’re down swing.

Pull down with your wrists to start the down swing, light B should be shining along the line once again. As you release though were the ball would be light A should shine along the line, keep the light shining along line for as long as possible then, finish with your follow through.

This exercise should be done very slowly for a start, as you feel more comfortable speed up a little, but don’t get sloppy make sure you keep the lights shining alone the line. This golf teaching tool is fantastic in my opinion, it’s a great exercise for both beginners and advanced golfers. If you practice this until it becomes habit you will be hitting the ball straighter and longer as this exercise teaches you to release your power where you should be, at impact.


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