Greens Equipment: Update Golf Course Mowers and Tractors with a Toro or Kohler Small Engine Rebuild Kit

If you deal with golf course management and it is your responsibility to ensure that your greens, fairways and roughs are always in the perfect condition, then you need the right tools for the job. Toro makes excellent golf course management mowers and other vehicles, but a lot of heavy users consider their small engines to be a little light for their requirements. After a few years small engines like these also start to show wear and tear, and most golf course managers consider replacing the entire vehicle to be the only solution.

Toro golf course management equipment in the 300 range generally comes standard with a Kohler K321S 60407 or 60295 engine. While these engines are perfectly serviceable, they have a few minor drawbacks that make them unsuitable for heavy or long term use. For example, they do not have full pressure lubrication, overhead valves or hydraulic valve lifters, and these components not only contribute to greater power in small engines, but greater fuel efficiency and durability as well.

Small engine rebuild kits are available for the K series Kohler engine that are easy to install, lightweight and far more powerful than the original engine. These kits come with simple, step-by-step instructions so even if you have little technical background you can replace your Kohler engine yourself.

Of course, one of the main reasons so many golf course management professionals are turning to small engine rebuild kits is that it is far more cost-effective than replacing a Toro golf course management mower or cart. Not only is it far cheaper than replacing the vehicle, but the Triad/OHC engine is far more fuel efficient than the standard Kohler engine. Kohler Triad Repower Kit are always the cheapest way to bring new life to an ageing Toro GM-3, or any other Toro green management vehicle.

Your golf course is unlikely to be vacant at any time during the day, so having Toro golf course management equipment that can do its job without anyone noticing it is a necessity. If you were worried that installing a more powerful motor will make your Toro vehicle louder, it doesn’t have to. Small engine rebuild kits can also include a brand new muffler kit – ask your rebuild kit retailer about what is included or what can be added to ensure your rebuild vehicle meets your specific requirements.

No other precision small engine can deliver this much low end torque. The Kohler engine might be the standard, but this engine was built with perfection as the goal and no other small engine turns so little fuel into so much power.

With a slightly more powerful and refined engine comes the extended lifespan you would expect. Because these engines have low emissions and are expertly constructed to withstand the beating they will be receiving you will get many more years out of your Kohler engine replacement kit than you did out of the original engine.

Take advantage of the opportunity and ease that you can get from rebuilding your Toro golf maintenance mower with a Kohler small engine rebuild kit.

~Ben Anton, 2007


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