How to Find Golf Instruction Online for Free

Golf lessons are expensive. For most of us, it’s just not possible to go out on the green with a one-on-one trainer, as much as we’d like to.

But, here’s an idea. Imagine if you could have a one-on-one lesson with a professional golfer or highly renowned trainer for free, in the privacy of your own home? Impossible, right?

Not exactly! You’re always hearing about how the Internet is revolutionizing the way we do everything, and now’s your chance to reap its benefits. You can get online golf instruction free, and with streaming videos and detailed photos, you can make your game better.

Where To Find The Instruction You Need Online

There are tons of sites offering free golf instruction. Look in any major search engine and you’ll find thousands. But, when you click on those, you might just end up finding ads for something you don’t want or need.

Look For The Big-Names

The best advice for finding good golf tips is to look for names you know. You’ve never heard of Bill Smith from Springfield, Arizona, so why listen to what he has to say? On the other hand, if Tiger Woods is on your screen demonstrating his address position, you’ll probably drop everything and listen, right? For more info see

If you want good advice, look for somebody you trust. This doesn’t have to be golf pros; you can also look online for golf magazines’ websites. These often have a “tips” section where you can find free instruction.

Know What You Need To Learn

Online golf instruction works really well with a regular training course. After your golf lesson, or after a game, run home and plop down in front of that computer. Reflect on your game and think about what needs improvement.

When you use a search engine like Google or Yahoo, the more specific the better. If you are having trouble, for example, with the chicken wing, do a search for “chicken wing” in the search engine. will bring up so mny sites, you won’t know where to look.

Watch Movies

Nothing beats videos for online golf instruction. Internet media technology has gotten so widely-available and effective that everybody can watch videos on the internet. All you need is a good media player and you can download those from their websites.

With an online golf video, it’s just like being there on the green with your instructor. Some websites offer free videos for their members. Usually, you can check out a sample video or two before you join. On many of these sites, membership is free.

Downloadable Software

There is also a wide variety of golf software available. Some of it is expensive, but some sites also offer free downloadable software that you can use while you’re training.

We’d all like to go to golf school and work one-on-one with nationally recognized pro-trainers, but the reality is that everybody has to work. And, very few of us can afford that kind of luxury. Free online golf instruction offers every golfer a way to go to golf school in the privacy of their own home.


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