Learn from the Pros on the LPGA Tour

Women who strength train on a regular basis, feel more confident and competent. Just look at some of the more experienced players on the LPGA tour. These women have dedicated their time to becoming physically fit and confident, both on and off the course.

Nancy Lopez, Julie Inkster, Annika Sorenstam, and many other women who’ve been on the LPGA for a number of years know it takes much more than their natural ability to create a good golf swing. Their physical and mental strength and stamina must be in good shape in order to meet the demands of hectic travel schedules combined with the expectations of top golf performance.

Just how do these LPGA players maintain their level of play and the consistency of quality stroke production?

One thing that the majority of these women do, that most women golfers don’t is the methods by which they condition their bodies. Most women golfers shy away from strength training. While some will do regular exercises, their concentration is not on strength; the one area where most women need much improvement. Many will spend time stretching and doing cardio routines, yet don’t spend quality time improving muscle strength, tone and function.

Strength training is strongly recommended for women golfer’s, no matter what their age or level of play. It’s even been proven that women in their 70’s can benefit by regularly performing strength training. Many women fear they’ll “bulk up” if they lift too many weights. It won’t happen. Women don’t have the hormones that men do. Women’s muscles will become more defined and powerful, but not bulky.

Regular strength training has great benefits to women golfers both on and off the course. By improving strength, the muscles are much more prepared for the demands of daily living. Not to mention the fact that you’ll have a more powerful and consistent golf swing.


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