Replacing Your Golf Cart Engine with a Kohler Command-11 Saves Money

Small engines, like those in your standard golf cart or mower, can receive excessive wear when they aren’t properly maintained, and this wear can result in both a loss of power and an increased likelihood of electrical systems failing when attempting to use an electric starter. You can eliminate the potential problem by replacing your engine using a small engine rebuild kit that replaces your older flat head engine to a Kohler small engine.
There are dramatic improvements that can be made should you choose to install a Kohler Command-11 in your golf cart instead of some of the other small engine options that are available on the market today. To better understand the advantage of choosing the Kohler engine for your upgrade, consider the following information.

Improved Power
By choosing a Kohler Command-11 small engine rebuild kit, you can experience an increase in power over what you received from your old flat head side valve engine. This increase is due to a variety of features, including the 11-horsepower overhead valve on the single-cylinder engine. Overhead valve engines tend to have a longer life, lower fuel consumption, lower emissions, and even less noise than their side valve counterparts. They also experience a reduced amount of carbon buildup which could reduce your cart engine’s power. In addition, this Kohler small engine will stay cooler than some older engines due to its two-quart oil capacity and its pressure lubrication system which is designed to ensure superior cooling of engine components as well as providing ample lubrication to help prevent engine wear. The Command-11 also features a disposable oil filter much like you would find on many larger engines.

Manual Start Features
In addition to offering an increase in power, the Command-11 features a manual start option in addition to the standard electric starter available on your Club Car Carryall. This manual start recoil system serves as a useful backup to your standard equipment, allowing you to be able to get your cart’s small engine running even if the electric startup system is malfunctioning or beginning to fail. Having a manual backup available on your engine could mean the difference between being able to get back to where you started from and having to call for help.

Full Conversion Materials Available
If you’re considering purchasing a Kohler small engine then you are going to want to use the easiest process possible. Kohler had this in mind when developing the Command-11 upgrade for the Club Car Carryall I and II. The conversion kit includes a variety of new components, including the engine itself, a muffler system, the mounting plate for the engine, a drive belt, a starter generator belt, and even a choke cable so that you won’t have to worry about having older parts that might wear out before the core small engine components do. The repower kit has been designed with ease of installation in mind, allowing you to essentially drop the new engine in and have it ready to go in record time. After all, you want to be able to spend your time using your cart and not having to toil away endlessly at getting a new engine installed.

~Ben Anton, 2007


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