Senior Golfers Increase Swing Speed

It is widely known that with increased age comes a decrease in flexibility. This is why so many golf fitness programs emphasize stretching and increasing range of motion for senior golfers. It has also been well documented that senior golfers between the ages of 55 and 79 can increase their drive distance and enhance their overall golf performance by engaging in a safe and effective golf conditioning program.

According to a recent study evaluating swing speed, senior golfers reaped great benefits by engaging in regular core stabilization exercises. Senior golfers participated in an 8 week study where they engaged in a core stabilization program several times weekly utilizing tools such as foam rollers, mats, stability balls, medicine balls and elastic cables. The end result was an increase in club head speed of over 6 mph. In real terms, this can yield an increase in drive distance of over 17 yards.

For those senior golfers who are interested in improving their length off the tee while increasing their level of fitness, try these core stabilization exercises.

Glute Bridge


This movement is designed to strengthen the glutes as well as improve their firing rate.


• Lie down on the floor on your back

• Bend your knees and place a ball or folded towel between your

• knees

• Place your hands at your side and lift your toes off the ground with heels remaining

• Engage your abdominals and glutes, then slowly lift your hips off the ground

• Don’t let the glutes touch the ground while you perform repetitions

Ball Bridge


This movement is designed to strengthen the low back muscles and glutes.


• Lie down on back with your feet on top of the ball

• Point toes towards your shins

• Pull shoulder blades back and down

• Raise glutes up until you are one line from your shoulders to your feet

• Slowly lower your body until hips almost touch the ground, then repeat the lift

Sitting Leg Lift


This movement is designed to activate your hip flexor and thigh muscles while stabilizing your abdominals and spine.


• Sit on a Swiss Ball with your feet shoulder width apart

• Rest your hands on each side of the ball

• Tighten your abdominal muscles and maintain a straight spine

• Begin by lifting one leg at a time a few inches off the floor

• Alternate between each leg in a marching motion

• Try to keep the same spine angle and avoid shifting from side to side

Senior golfers still have what it takes to hit the long ball as long as they continue to compensate for the loses they experience through the aging process. Placing an emphasis on core strength, stabilization and flexibility, will keep senior golfers in the game for years to come.


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