Simple Factors That Make A Golf Player Better

How old is your driver?

Over the years, many things have changed about the game of golf. The following are some simple factors that have allowed the golf player to be better at the game.

1. Equipment

Of course, due to advances in science, golf clubs have improved in material and efficiency. For example, a titanium driver from 1998 will have a bigger head, will cause you to swing faster, and will just travel a lesser distance than a titanium driver from 2018. The newer driver just carries the ball faster and to a greater distance. We love science.

2. Physical Fitness

Throughout the years, top professional golf players have made many changes to how they train for the game. Players like Dustin Johnson focus on strength and flexibility training with more time at the gym.   This is evident by his amazing 350-plus yard drives when he plays. Today, you will see the top players having a swing coach as well as a coach for strength training. In the past, players valued their tee times on the course as better training. Much has changed. Simply, players want to strengthen the major muscle groups in the legs, hips, chest and shoulders to improve their game.

3. The clothing players wear

You wouldn’t think that clothing would make THAT much of a difference in the game of golf, but it can really make the difference out on the course.  As mentioned above, obviously you want to wear clothing that allows you to easily optimize the muscle groups needed to complete your swing. It is also important to consider temperature or thermal performance as many players contend with the heat. We have specific fabrics that cool down the player quickly as well as keep them dry and comfortable. When it gets cold, the player must shield themselves from the elements.  Sweaters, windbreakers and a pair of gloves will keep the player warm and allow for better performance.  Also, one might say that there is a psychological factor to what one is wearing on the golf course.  Think about this, feeling like you are a pro and being able to move as you desire, may do wonders for your golf game.Mental Preparation

4. Being mentally ready

The game of golf is mentally demanding. Players like Tiger Woods have admitted to using hypnosis to block out distractions for better focus and visualization to train their minds to guide the body in the right direction. Golf player have to be patient as the game is un-timed. You end up spending most of your time thinking about playing the game then actually playing the game. You have to be mentally ready when it’s your turn to play.

All in all, it is interesting to see the advances made in the golf industry regarding equipment, physical fitness, clothing and mental preparation. It is important to keep learning and trying new ways to improve your game.






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