Simple Tips For Improving Golf Swing

There are loads of resources both on-line and off that you can turn to for easy tips on improving golf swing. More than likely, you are looking for simple pointers on improving golf swing that you can start with yourself, because you are not in a position to hire a professional to help you improve your swing.

These are tips on improving golf swing that you can use every single time you are out, whether you are playing nine, eighteen or are just brushing up on the driving range.

The first tip for improving golf swing is to LOOK. When you are golfing with friends or colleagues, make a note of the most successful golfer and observe carefully when he or she swings. Watch for body position, stance, how high they lift the club and the motion used when they swing the club. Then think about your own swing. What are they doing that you are not doing? If you can figure this out for yourself, there is no shame in asking your talented golfer friends to watch you and offer their advice for improving golf swing.

It may also be beneficial to practice your own swing in a mirror or to videotape yourself so you can actually see the differences between what you think you are doing and what you are actually doing. Forming bad habits early will lead to bad habits for the long term, unless you deliberately work to change them.

Purchasing a video tape on improving golf swing may also help your game, because it will allow you to observe the techniques and positions used by the best in the game, and it will teach you exactly how to replicate them yourself. Watching golf on TV can also help in this manner as well.

Above all, improving golf swing takes practice and lots of it. Once you have mastered the appropriate techniques and pointers on how to improve your swing, you need to put those techniques to work. Practice until you have unlearned your bad habits and learned the right way to swing. Practice as often as you can until your best swing has become second nature. You can never practice too much!


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